Hardware Requirements for Hosted Environments

RAM Requirements

Citrix XenApp Edition or Windows Terminal Services (WTS) hardware requirements are stipulated by the Manufacturer.

For each concurrent user:
  • SAP Business One application – 1 GB
  • Citrix or WTS Client Sessions – For recommended requirements, refer manufacturer documentation.
  • For other applications like partner add-ons or e-mail clients, contact your solution provider for the recommended requirements
Calculate the required memory as follows:
  • Each concurrent user requires 1 GB for SAP Business One + 0.25 GB for Citrix session and partner add-ons= 1.25 GB
  • Total memory required is 8 GB for Windows and Citrix server + 10 concurrent users x 1.25 GB for each user= 20.5 GB

Processor and Network Bandwidth

  • Each physical CPU core can support 5~8 SAP Business One concurrent users, which depends on actual CPU performance.
  • In a virtualized environment, each virtual CPU can support less than five SAP Business One concurrent users.

Additional CPUs are required for third-party add-ons, format search and other extensions which consume CPU resources. For partner, or project-specific, customizations and extensions, the CPU consumption needs to be calculated through partner testing.

For CPU overcommitted cloud environments, run benchmark tools to determine the true CPU performance.

Network bandwidth for SAP Business One:
  • Each concurrent user who is accessing Citrix or WTS sessions via WAN requires a minimum of 0.5 Mbpsexternal bandwidth
Latency and bandwidth requirements for SAP Business One:
  • All SAP Business One components must be installed on the “same LAN” (local area network). Placing clientand server in two different locations (e.g. VPN) has an impact on the performance of SAP Business One.Thus, latency should be as low as possible (< 1 ms).

Additional System Requirements

Software Requirements – Server

Requirements – Server
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher
Microsoft Data Access Components 2.6 (MDAC) or higher

Software Requirements – Client

Requirements – ‌Client
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher
Microsoft Data Access Components 2.6 (MDAC) or higher

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