SAP Business One for Telecommunication

Telecom industry is primed to shape how people interact and how business gets done. By combining the Internet of Things and 5G technologies with machine learning and artificial
intelligence (AI), telecom will empower digital inclusion throughout the world and enable the digital transformation of dozens of industries. To achieve this, they also need to respond to
industry trends

Disruption and competition

Nontraditional market entrants are driving increased margin
pressure, and telecom must respond. To compete effectively in the digital economy, telecom need to deliver a highly personalized and fully digitalized experience that integrates the customer journey across multiple channels and touch points while excelling in operational efficiency

Market saturation

Mobile communication market penetration has been saturated for a long time, dictating the need for accelerated diversification of revenue streams. Telecom must quickly meet (and exceed) customer demand, deliver new services, and innovate new business models within an ecosystem focused approach

Next generation networks:

Network evolution creates opportunities for telecom to hop in the driver’s seat and enable other industries to reinvent their business processes. The new battleground is all about connecting and monetizing a sensor based world with the combination of 5G, the IoT, edge computing, AI, and machine learning technologies.

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