How does SAP Business One effect in food manufacturing industry ?

Our industry specific solution for Food Manufacturing & Distribution helped other business like yours to overcome the challenges and improve their business , Some of the challenges we have successfully solved are as the following:

Production Costing & Control 

Production Planning & Forecasting

Integration between Distribution team & Production Plan 

Integration with all departments

Food Industries

Mobility solution for Sales Reps

Providing a mobile application to sales team to allow them create new order, issue invoice, collect payment on the go, and sell more. The mobile application is integrated with the ERP SAP Business One for real-data availability to have a real status of all your sales revenue

Integration with all departments

Connecting Sales Reps with the Inventory for on time stock availability with a mobility solution to help you sell more with control. SAP Business One integrates all the company departments with a real time reports.

Production Costing and Control

Have full production costing reports with details of all associated cost to the BOM for all your products. From raw materials to allocated resources and utilities and also the semi-finished products as the BOM is multi-levels.

Distribution team & Production Plan

Integration between Distribution team & Production Plan. You can allow your sales team to see a live status of the inventory levels and coordinate directly with production team to prepare and produce the required order on time.

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