SAP Business One for Aluminum industry

Gain greater control over your business!

Our industry-specific solution for the Aluminum industry helped other businesses like yours to overcome the challenges and improve their business, Some of the challenges we have successfully solved are as follows:

Reduce Production cost
Manage your Plant maintenance
Produced the right stock
On-time reports
Integration with all departments


Manage your plant maintenance

Have full maintenance plan for all machines and equipment for enhancing the factory productivity. The importance of maintenance lies in maintaining the operational capacity of machines, contributing to increased productivity, and increasing the useful life of machines and equipment.

Unused produced stock

Accumulation occurs when the quantity of something is added to or increases over time. By using SAP Business One intelligent forecast for more accurate forecasting with powerful MRP wizered that can lead to producing the right production orders and avoid the high stock levels.

Integration with all departments

Connecting Sales Reps with the Inventory for on time stock availability with a mobility solution to help you sell more with control. SAP Business One integrates all the company departments with a real time reports.

Real data availability

Lack of internal controls typically results in the lack of ability to track performance against budgets, But with SAP Business One’s intelligent dashboard equips the management with the right information at the right time for clear decisions.

Reduce Production cost

Control your production costs and have accurate bill of materials including the resources and machines, integrated with the Sales forecast which will allow you to produce the right quantities and avoid un-used stock count.

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