Small and Midsize Business Management Software

‌SAP solutions equip your business to address today’s challenges while building the foundation to seize future opportunities.

Give your business the tools it needs with SAP software

You face a variety of challenges – from managing cash flow, supply chain, and operations to taking care of remote work and employee engagement, all while meeting fluctuating market conditions and customer needs. With 80% of our customers considered small and midsize enterprises (SMEs)*, we have the experience and solutions to help you meet your goals. 

Why choose SAP to grow your business?

Discover why midsize companies select SAP technology as a proven foundation, to connect, grow, and innovate their business. Tackle today’s challenges and prepare for the future opportunities.


Top 10 business goals for SMB’s

Top 10 business goals for small and midsize companies – and how to achieve them with help from SAP Discover what 2,000 small and midsize business leaders from 19 different countries cited as their top 10 business goals, get tips and examples of how other growing companies achieved their goals, and learn how SAP enables businesses to keep driving change and moving forward – whether you have a few employees or a few hundred.

  • Improve the Customer Experience
  • Enable Growth (Revenue, Market Share, or Billable Hours)
  • Attract New Customers
  • Improve the Employee Experience
  • Increase Profits and Reduce Costs
  • Minimize Business or Compliance Risk
  • Innovate (New Products, Services, or Business Models)
  • Increase Employee Productivity and Efficiency
  • Enable Specific Digitalization and Business Transformation Initiatives
  • Increase Organizational Agility

Why Do Midsize Companies Choose SAP?

SAP helps midsize businesses like yours that are creating new ideas and reshaping industries to keep driving change and keep moving forward – whether you have a few employees or a few hundred. Eighty percent of our customers are small and midsize companies, so we have solutions designed and priced for you, such as solutions connecting finance, operations, HR, and sales to create exceptional employee and customer experiences. We also offer proven procurement, inventory, and industry-specific processes to help you move faster, adapt quickly, and face any competitor. Our local partners can get you up and running in weeks, so you can keep business moving forward today and be confident that SAP will be with you wherever you go next. 

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