Digital transformation with SAP Business One

Technology continues to evolve at a surprising rate and this challenges companies to keep pace with the digital revolution, while customers are increasingly demanding better quality, speed of service and personalization.
Reinventing the business model is one of the most significant opportunities created by the advent of digital technology. It enables an enterprise to enter new markets, reach out to customers, and generate new revenue, barring the entry of its competitors and thus creating a first-mover advantage.
Irrespective of the size or the industry, SAP stands out as a worldwide market and technology leader in enterprise application software solutions helping businesses to achieve their business goals.

Over the years SAP Business One has emerged as one of the leading enterprise resource planning systems that is extensively used by businesses all over the world to help them to execute their business functions with ease and efficiency.
SAP Business One provides one simple, affordable solution that streamlines business processes, provides real-time information, and helps boost overall business performance using the most advanced technology trends. For this, SAP implemented some new trends in business technology to ensure future growth for enterprises


Artificial Intelligence [AI] and Machine learning [ML]

AI allows humans to focus on creative and exciting work to build their skills instead of working on repetitive tasks. Soon, we will see machines doing things that humans typically do. Machine Learning is a sort of AI that gives an unbiased analysis of the data. It allows computer programs to modify when exposed to new data.

How SAP Business One uses AI ?

  • Sales Recommendation: SAP Business One allows you to obtain product recommendations based on the buying records of your customers and similar customers in sales documents using AI technology.
  • Intelligent Forecast: Interact with built-in statistical forecast algorithms to analyze inventory levels.
  • Chatbot for WhatsApp Integration: Use Chatbot and B1iF to integrate WhatsApp with SAP Business One to create Sales Quotations, Sales Orders, Service Tickets, etc.

Big Data

Big data allows companies to manage, store, and manipulate a large amount of data with speed and to gain the best insights in time from your actual data. Both large and small companies are using big data, and related analysis approaches as a way to gain more information to better support their company and serve their customers.

  • Cost Savings
  • Time Reductions
  • Understand the market conditions
  • Identifying errors instantly
  • To improve service dramatically
  • Fraud can be detected instantly
  • Better sales insights

How SAP Business One uses Big Data ?

  • Enterprise Search: Locate your business information via freestyle search, and drill down to the documents and sources itself.
  • Predictive Analysis: Use Forecasting strategies within your Dashboards to predict future and seasonal trends based on your historical data.

SAP Business One is the future of digital transformation, and it acts as a digital hub in the global digital revolution helping businesses to adapt the latest technology to their benefit. It is a digital transformation platform that helps in integrating applications and devices, IoT sensors and equipment, mobile applications, e-commerce and social media, chatbots and digital assistants.

Source: SAP insights 

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