Benefits of ERP for Mining sector

Mining industries is a huge industry and they are growing at a very fast rate too. Mining Industry already requires a large number of manpower and machinery. That industries has different challenges to face, they need a perfect platform to grow operation wise as well geographical wise.

To manage improvement in business, operation and production in mining industry, they need a perfect ERP that can effectively manage all departments industries like finance, warehouse, distribution and operations.

ERP system, Can easily manage such large production process, Quality control process, stores, inventory, sales, purchase and reporting data & other financial information.

In Mining industry, each division like warehouse, production have their own way to measure the products and it is very necessary that the product will go to next level after QC stage only. ERP provides a very concrete solution to adapt the government legal standards & other requirements in the ERP for Mining Industry.

It also provides visibility on production tracking and planning to production department


Miners must drive profits and sustainable shared social outcomes

By 2025, mining companies will deliver resources responsibly by automating production; achieving sustainable operations; and collaborating with customers, suppliers, and communities.

Commodity Supply Chain Management
Long-Term Business Planning

  • Customer Engagement
  • Sales, Purchase, and Shipment of Commodities
  • Non-Bulk Transportation Management

Future plans

  • Enable multi-enterprise and united sales and operations planning
  • Foster demand-side collaboration across the business
  • Provide asset management solutions that balance operating and capital expenditures
  • Blend machine learning and predictive analytics into incident and compliance management
Source: SAP insights

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