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Key Features

Detailed and comprehensive Add to manage equipment’s maintenance and operation as well


Detailed real-time availability view. Easily know the available equipment, Equipment Status, Operating hours, and Breakdown hours.​


It contains detailed master data, Inspection Plan, Maintenance Plan, Allocated Site and area, Maintenance Deviation, and more.

Work Order

Work order processing with priority, status, type, and equipment. Also tasks & spare parts related, open work order list, and advanced filters.

Advanced Reports

Advanced Reports using SAP Crystal Reports. Back-log Management, Status View, WO description & Number, Priority, and type.

Performance Report

Contains Worked Hours & Breakdown Hours. With average HR/ day, operation Rate, AI, and utilization.

Summary Report

Manage All Equipment Status summary, Worked hrs & utilization percentage, BD hrs & BD percentage, and Maintenance percentage.

Machine Availability

Machine Availability Report contains BD reason, Total working hours, Maintenance hours, PR status, and Expected date.

WO Information

It contains all WO per Equipment, WO status & Priority, WO Type & Action Taken, and Cost of WO.