Get full control on your Human Resources

HR module Key Features  

Web based & Integrated with SAP Business One 
Supports all languages including Arabic
Designed according to international & Egyptian standards 
Ability of adaptation & customization based on business type  
Different varieties of reports beside reports builder tool  
Organization structure  
Covering all HR needs from Personal, payroll, ESS, LeavesRecruitment,
TrainingPerformance Management 
Personnel and Administrative Structure
  • Employee Master data 
  • Designing the levels of the administrative structure and job grades 
  • Record all documents handed over by the employee to the entity 
  • Entering employee contracts
  • Calculation of overtime, deductions and deductions 
  • Localized to Egyptian labor Law 
  • Insurance calculation
  • Managing the number of working hours and shifts
  • Mobility of employees between projects and administrative structures 
  • Entering the advances and proving the payments and settlements thereon 
  • Add periodic increments to salaries 
  • Registration of internal policy according to the administrative structure 
  • Create flexible work schedules per employees 
  • Record attendance and leave dates according to the job type 
  • Integrated with the wages and salaries system 
  • Integrate with fingerprint machines 
  • Control the times of attendance and leave, calculating absence, permission, and missions  
Employee Selfservice  
  • Access and request all kinds of leaves and vacations
  • Managers to approve leave requests 
  • Request advances, vacations, permission, resignation, custody request, and more 
  • Requests status & notifications
  • Payroll reports for a specific job, department, employee, shift, or for a specific period 
  • Payroll deductions 
  • Leave Monitoring 
  • Monitor absence and delays 
  • Calculation of extra hours 
  • Insurance and tax account